"Bud and Pepper": 

This is one of the first drawings I ever did where I really tried to do a good portrait of my son Buddy and our dog pepper. I am very pleased in the way this came out. This drawing was completed in December of 2007.

"Pop-Pop loves Ballys": 

My father in law is a great man. He always has a story to tell or something to say, and its never a dull time. He is 88 years old and has Dementia. He is a very brave man and continues to strive and struggle with everyday. 

"MTLL Hats":
This drawing is of the two teams I was coaching at the time, sitting on a wooden table that I made out of driftwood out of the Delaware River/ wood I got from my other brother in law carl in 1985. Just a view from where I was sitting.
"Pop-Pop Smith": 

This is a drawing that I did of my Dad sitting in one of the chairs in our old house. This was originally a photograph from years ago. You will be missed dad (06/18/01)

"Untitled Angel":

This is a drawing that I really dont know where my idea came from. There is alot of characteristics from my son and daughter in this. I always found myself to be a very religious man and I will stay true to him. I am very pleased with the over all finish of this piece.

"Pencil Sketch of Nora Jones": 

This sketch is done from the cover of one of my favorite singers cd cases. I always found her music to be very relaxing and tranquil. It's very easy listening and still has a great sound.

"Buds Room": 

Buds Room is very self explanatory also. It is based off of the picture hanging above the sketch. The picture is off my son bud holding the two wood cuttings I made for him to hang in his room. 


This is one of the last drawings I have done in a while. It is of my brother in law Carl. Ive had many of good times with him and he will always be missed and in our hearts.

Sunflower 2010

Pier 107

"The other room" with a unique perspective

"Boots on the table"