My Paintings

LaPetitePierre, France

KE for Kappa Sigma

Good Times!   "Bellview Port 2001 

                        One of my favorites: BELLVIEW Winery 
                    in Southern New Jersey USA
               The Port is delicious!

Going up the Virginia mountains in my Van


"Moo Too" 
"Moo Two" is my 

latest work. I finished this painting on August 27th, 2010. This idea came from my absolute love of cows and the uniqueness of them. This is my second cow painting, the first one was entitled "Moo". That painting can be found down in my blog. (click here to view) "Moo" was given to my brother in law Jim as a Christmas present in 2009 because he liked the painting so much! 

Check out my piercings Mom

Are you ready??

Reefs in the darkness of the Sea

Terra Cotta planters on the window sill

Isaac Smith Port


And here's the pitch